ECITA Affiliate Membership Scheme

ECITA AFFILIATEThe VIRI organisation was intended to fill the void for those vaping industry businesses that were not able to join ECITA as full members or sought to become part of an alternative membership based group.

Soon after VIRI announced its intentions publicly a useful dialogue between ECITA and VIRI commenced. Initially we looked at positive ways that the two separate organisations could successfully work together; however it soon became apparent that uniting completely would best serve the interests of all concerned and those interested in the betterment of vaping challenges that lay ahead of us.

After necessary meetings and negotiations, VIRI are delighted to announce that ECITA have bought forward the launch of their Affiliate Membership Scheme. This is excellent news and we strongly urge those interested parties to sign up and unite as part of ECITA as soon as possible in order to understand the current issues and work towards positive outcomes over the coming months/years.

Full details of the affiliate membership can be found on the ECITA website (

VIRI organisers.

Hi, all, it’s Katherine. I just wanted to add a personal note to say how delighted we are to be able to offer ECITA Affiliate Membership at last. We have been trying for years to find a way to make this possible, and the timing is perfect, since our initial discussions with VIRI coincided with considerable progress already made at our end to make this possible.

We hope we shall have the opportunity to meet you all in due course, and continue the campaigning we have all been engaged in for so long. United we stand, and all that!

All the best,


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