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Who are VIRI?

VIRI is in the very early stages of development. The seeds have been sown, and with the right care and attention an organisation to be proud of can be formed. The hope is that VIRI will become a creative force driven by vendors that will help shape the future of the vaping industry by working together with other organisations. In doing so we hope to help protect our customers right to purchase products proven to be effective and our own ability to maintain the continuity they deserve.

At the moment, vaping as we know it faces uncertainty with assaults from all sides, particularly Article (20) of the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive). This will affect both consumers and industry professionals. We must stand together in total unity and do what we can to ensure that vaping does not fade into complete obscurity. Much work is being undertaken by other groups, individuals and organisations representing other areas of the Vaping industry and they need our support as a matter of urgency.

Here’s a taster of what we can expect via the Danish Vaping Association DADAFO

Short description of the Danish law-proposal regarding implementation of the TPD

At the same time we also understand that EU compliance is something that must be acknowledged and planned for should all attempts to reverse certain aspects of the directive be unsuccessful. We will therefore be working with other European organisations including ECITA  to ensure all vendors whether B&M or On-Line can be fully briefed.

VIRI will always remain an organisation prepared to support and challenge policies detrimental to public health as well as review the contradictions and misinformation surrounding nicotine use.

As vendors, we need to think about how we can work together in saving our industry from those more interested in seeing it’s demise or regulated out of existence. This is the purpose of VIRI.

How will this work? We would ask for a small monthly membership fee. Funds will be utilised for vital work like the Dr Farsalinos studies, battery safety standards, positive press and other worth while projects. There are too many to state here and there’s many more in the planning stage. Consensus will be sought prior to any monies being offered to project organisers and VIRI will adopt transparent processes to manage this.

Members will have the opportunity to share best practices, act upon new legislation quickly & effectively, have access to the latest news, voice opinions and contribute within a vibrant and friendly community.

Let us be very clear, VIRI is not a new version of ECITA and we are not competing with them. An affiliation with them would be both welcomed and beneficial.

The initial “throwing it out there” method of finding out if vendors are interested commenced in earnest in mid February 2015. The responses so far have been more than encouraging. These have not just come via interested vendors but from high profile organisations around Europe.

VIRI will only become a force for good if “you” the  industry front line representatives get fully involved.

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This is VIRI… Vapers in Unity…building more than just coils.